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Governance Documents

Ripple Rockets' Club Outfit

The purpose of a club outfit is to have members wear it at UVISDA (Upper Vancouver Island Square and Round Dance Association) sponsored dances where there is a **Banner Parade; at our Blast-Off Friday night dance; and other club visits when we go to "steal" their banner or retrieve our club's banner.  However, it must be emphasized that the club outfit is optional attire for any of these events.  The club outfit was adopted in the 1970's and has changed from white with red polka dots, to blue checkered gingham to the present purple and/or white.  Men can wear a purple shirt and/or a white shirt with a purple necktie.

As with all things, nothing is written in stone and the club outfit may be modified by the club as time goes by.

** Banner Parade:  this generally takes place before a special dance as stated in the program.  All the dancers from a club gather together in groups of four in a line, with the four in front holding the club banner.  The banner parade process is basically the same as a pay parade.

Ripple Rockets' Badge


Our badge features a rocket with a man and woman riding the rocket, along with the name of our city, Campbell River, B.C., and the members name engraved on the badge.  The badge is held in place with either a pin or magnets - your choice.  Wear it proudly.

Dance Etiquette for Members

  • Wear your badge at all dances.

  • Be welcoming to visitors and introduce yourself.

  • Be patient with all dancers and visitors.

  • Members should help set up tables and chairs for the refreshments.

  • Guests and visitors should go first for coffee, tea and refreshments.  Please bring your own mug for coffee, tea or water.

  • Be mindful of hygiene and odours of food and drink.

  • Only those who can wear gloves in the kitchen will be allowed to handle food.  Others can look after the tea and coffee.

  • Men should wear long-sleeved shirts for dancing.

  • Visit other clubs and represent our club.  (The Visitation Committee organizes visits to other clubs.  Club banners may be stolen or retrieved.)

  • Fulfill duties within the club (i.e. Kitchen duty, Host and/or Hostess, decorating).

Single or Couple of the Year

An honour bestowed on the single or the couple considered to be actively supporting the club.  Every club member is eligible except for President while in office.  Voting takes place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April.  The UVISDA Couple of the Year is drawn at the Upper Vancouver Island Callers Teachers Association (UVICTA) Special dance in June from the entries of all club persons of the year, where they receive a special badge entitling them to free visits to all clubs with the UVISDA as goodwill ambassadors of the UVISDA.

Banner Stealing Rules

  1. In order to steal a banner, a visiting club must attend your club dance.

  2. In order to retrieve your club banner, you must attend their club dance.

  3. A club may either steal a banner or retrieve a banner on a visit, but it takes a separate visit for each.  Only the host club's banner may be taken.

  4. A declaration of intent to steal shall be made before 9:00pm to the President (or his representative) of the host club.

  5. No banner stealing shall take place after April 15th.

  6. A banner may be taken only once by any one club during the dance year.

  7. A banner may be stolen or retrieved on a party night, provided the host club is dancing on their regular night and in their usual hall.

  8. Banner stealing is intended to be a friendly exchange between clubs.  If the host club's banner is in the possession of another club, then it is recommended that some other token of appreciation be presented to the visiting club.  This token of appreciation would be up to the discretion of the host club and it can be retrieved as outlined in #2 as above.

  9. In the event that two or more clubs come on the same night to steal the host club's banner, the decision on providing a token of appreciation to the cllub would again be at the discretion of the host club.

When applying the banner stealing rules, please remember that there are no hard an fast rules when we are out for fun.  Common sense and friendliness should take precedence.

Role of the Executive


The fundamental role of any executive is to provide leadership and direction and to attend to every day club business so that the general membership is not required to attend a meeting every time that a routine matter requires a decision to be made.  The general membership elects people who they feel will make the best decisions on their behalf.  The constitution and bylaws of the club determine which positions are elected and which positions should be filled by appointment of the executive.  

Items concerning club principles, philosophies and traditions may be discussed at the executive or executive committee level, however, any recommendations for change must be presented to the general membership for decision.  This would include, but not be limited to, club dress, club banner, club badge, dance schedule, timing and location, employment of caller, cuer, instructor, and any major expenses not previously approved.

Club Constitution & By-laws

Adopted January 1984

Last Amended September 2018

Article 1 - Purposes

Section I

The name of the organization shall be the Ripple Rockets Square Dance Club.

Section II 

The members of this club are banned together in the spirit of friendliness & good fellowship to share the pleasure of square dancing.  In order that the club may function smoothly as a group for the benefit of all, the following constitution is established.

Article II - Membership

Section I

Membership in the club shall be valid as long as fees have been paid, and shall entitle the member to voting privileges, subject to Section II.  If fees have not been paid within three weeks from commencement of the season, membership shall be void until such fees have been paid.

Section II

Membership in the club may be revoked by a majority vote at a general membership meeting if a member's behaviour is deemed contrary to the club's purpose and the Ten Commandments of Square Dancing.  (Appendix A)

Article III - Executive

Section I

The following executive shall be elected by a secret ballot from club members at a general meeting held annually in the spring of each year for a period of one year commencing in June following a meeting with the retiring executive.

a.  President

b.  Vice President

c.  Secretary

d.  Treasurer

e.  Social Convenor

f.  UVISDA Delegates

g.  Hall Decorator

The executive shall be, wherever appropriate, couples or singles. 

Section II

The executive shall ensure the ongoing operation of the club.  The duties of the executive shall be as follows:

a.  President

1.  Presides at all meetings of the club and at all meetings of the executive.

2.  May sign all cheques in payment of authorized accounts and bills after

such cheques have been prepared by the treasurer.

3.  Shall sign the minutes of the meeting immediately upon adoption.

4.  Shall keep the club informed of plans and programs.

5.  Consult with the Caller/Cuer regarding:

i) dance programs, ensuring the dancing meets with the general membership approval;

ii) their willingness to continue for the next dance season and the expected fees. 

This information shall be presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting

for discussion and its approval.

6.  Receive, forward and act upon any complaints and suggestions from the club membership.

7.  Serve as Honorary Past President on next year's executive.

8.  This position may be held for nor more than two (2) consecutive terms.

b.  Vice President

1.  Assume the duties of the President couple in their absence.

2.  Look after the club banner, notice board and ensure they are posted at all functions.

3.  Be Chairperson of the nominating committee for the next elections.

4.  Coordinate the new dancer classes.

5.  May sign all cheques in payment of authorized accounts and bills after such cheques 

have been prepared by the treasurer.

c.  Past President

1.  Past President will take the President's place if both the President and Vice President are absent.

d.  Secretary

1.  Maintain accurate written minutes of all executive, special, and general club meetings.

2.  Present the minutes at club meetings and have the President sign them after adoption.

3.  Maintain a club membership list with member's addresses and telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

4.  Conduct correspondence necessary in booking dance locations, callers, and special events.

5.  Send one list of members to the appropriate UVISDA officer and one to the Cross Trail News at the

beginning of the dance season.

6.  Conduct general correspondence when necessary.

7.  Phone club members as required.

8.  May sign all cheques in payment of authorized accounts and bills after such cheques have been

prepared by the treasurer.

9.  Order badges and dangles when necessary.

e.  Treasurer

1.  Maintain an accurate accounting of club funds.

2.  Submit written financial reports to the club membership at the request of the president 

and at all membership meetings.

3.  Pay all club bills.  Each cheque must be signed by two officers.  This will usually be the 

treasurer and one other authorized signing officer.

4.  Collect all membership fees, collect all door fees, and pay parades where appropriate.

5.  Be responsible for the control and handling of club monies.

6.  Receive the approval of the executive for all expenditures greater than one hundred 

dollars except for normal operating expenses.

f.  Social Convenor

1.  Oversee club refreshment supplies and equipment.

2.  Ensure that a club roster is established for the couple responsible for the refreshments

at each dance.

3.  Supervise the refreshment arrangements at each dance, assisting where necessary.

4.  Establish and maintain a roster for host and hostess for each dance.

g.  UVISDA Delegates

1.  Represent the club at all UVISDA meetings, presenting the club's views, suggestions and comments.

2.  Report to the club proceedings of UVISDA meetings, especially items that directly concern the club.

h.  Hall Decorator

1.  Arrange, coordinate and assist (if needed) with the decorating of the hall.

2.  Prepare a roster of club members to do the decorating.

3.  Prepare a list of dates and dances at which decorating will be needed.

Section III

An executive meeting may be held providing a majority of the executive are present.

Section IV

An executive meeting shall be called by the President when he deems it necessary or if a meeting is requested by two (2) members of the executive.

Section V

A special general meeting may be called by the written request of the executive by ten (10) club members.  A special general meeting shall be held within 21 days of receipt of written request.

Section VI

Any member in good standing may stand for executive positions.

Section VII

A quorum for all general meetings shall be deemed to be 30 percent of the paid membership.

Section VIII

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern at all meetings.

Article IV - Fees

Section I

Dance admissions shall be determined by the executive in an effort to finish the dance year with sufficient monies to have no outstanding bills and enough capital to commence a new dance year.

Section II

The club membership shall determine the yearly membership fees based upon the number of dances, the expected membership and the anticipated year's expenses.

Section III

Extra club assessments must be recommended by the executive and approved by a majority vote of club members.

Section IV

Individual dance admissions shall be paid to the Treasurer or his/her appointed representative.

Article V - Caller(s)


Section I

The club executive shall determine the caller(s) / cuer(s) for each club dance.

Section II

The caller(s) / cuer(s) fee shall be paid immediately following a dance or as requested by the caller(s) / cuer(s).

Article VI - New Dancer Classes

Section I

New dancer classes shall be under the sponsorship of the club for the purpose of ensuring a new flow of dancers into the club.

Section II

New dancer class commencement and graduation dates shall be arranged between the club executive and the New Dancer Class caller.

Section III

The club executive shall secure the new dancers' dance location, caller, and establish a fee structure similar to the club's membership fees.

Article VII - Couple of the Year

Section 1

At the A.G.M., the club membership shall elect by secret ballot, the club Couple / Dancer of the Year  from the current membership.  This position is solely a recognition by the club of the couple / dancer's contributions of time and service to the club over the years of their membership.

Section II

The Couple / Dancer of the Year  shall receive a dangle that shall be attached to their club badge.

Section III

The Couple / Dancer of the Year  may act as ambassadors for the club and may choose to allow their name(s) to stand as the club's nomination for UVISDA couple / dancer of the year.  If they so choose they must consent to the criteria imposed by UVISDA.

Article VIII - Host/Hostess

Section 1

The club shall have a Host/Hostess couple for each dance.

Section II

The Host/Hostess shall meet all guests, ensuring they are made welcome upon arrival, registered, and introduced to other club members.

Article IX - Amendments

Section I

Any amendments to the constitution must be made in writing to the executive 30 days before it can be voted on by the membership.  Any amendments must be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the general membership attending a meeting at which a quorum is present.

Section II

All amendments shall show a Date of Approval.

Recommendations Re: Saturday Evening Dances

All Club dancers attending Saturday evening dances will bring a food tray (sandwiches, desserts, etc.) unless the dance calendar dictates a theme or otherwise instructed.

Appendix A

Ten Commandments for Square Dancing

  1.  You shall square dance only for the fun which you will find in it.

  2.  You shall not be a snob by considering yourself too good to dance with any and all, by sitting out mixers, or by leaving a   square lest you be required to dance with those you deem unworthy of your talents, for the gods of Retribution are zealous   gods, and will visit their mischief upon you and you will be the one to goof the square.

  3.  You shall be exuberant but shall act your age.  Do not offend others by our high flung legs, out-flared skirts, or overzealous   endeavours to help others who hesitated by pulling, grabbing, or pushing upon them or speaking loudly to them.

  4.  You shall go abroad and dance to other callers so that your opinions expressed as to the merit of this one and that one is   based on fact.

  5.  You shall be conscious of the feelings of those around you and shall not let the stranger in your midst sit on sidelines and cool   his heels, nor fail to speak to him.

  6.  You shall bathe diligently, that the sweet aroma of soap and shaving lotion may assail the nostrils of your associates.  You shall   similarly take care that the words of your mouth are not scented with strong smelling herbs such as garlic, or strong smelling   beverages such as beer.

  7.  You shall guard carefully the utterances from your lips while dancing lest you add confusion to your square and cause yourself   or others to be unable to hear the next call, for there is but one designated caller in the hall.

  8.  You shall honour your club and give your loyalty, for if you cannot do this, it would be better for you to separate yourself from   it and join yourself to another whose methods, members and caller are more to your liking.

  9.  You shall not kill your club with bickering and fault finding or by pointing fingers for blame either in dancing or club operation   at any any fellow member or dancer for, in so doing, such a finger may thus deservedly be due in your directive.

  10.  You shall never forget that you were once a beginner!

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