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Welcome to the Ripple Rockets Square Dance Club
of Campbell River, BC, Canada

Square Dancing is a fun, dynamic,

inexpensive social activity

that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

If you have just found our website for the

first time and are new to Square Dancing,


We would love to have you join us! 

Please see our

Lessons page

about getting started.

The Ripple Rockets have been dancing as a club

in Campbell River since 1957.

Currently we host lessons, workshops, dances,

and a May long weekend event,

promoting, supporting, and encouraging

the physical, mental, and social benefits 

of Square Dancing.

Dances are held on the second and 
fourth Saturdays of the month.

They feature either Mainstream or
West Coast level Square Dancing and 
Phase II Round Dancing
(Two Step & Waltz)

7:00 - 9:30pm

Location:  United Church Hall
415 Pinecrest Road, Campbell River

Our first dance of the month 
will feature
Caller :  Al Jonsson

Cuer :  Brenda Aucoin

Dancers from other Clubs are welcome! 
$10 per person


Saturday Dances
United Church Hall
415 Pinecrest Road

Thursday Workshops
United Church Hall
415 Pinecrest Road

Monday New Dancer Classes
Eagles Hall
1999 14th Avenue

Blast-Off Weekend Event:
Quinsam Centre
2005 Eagle Drive

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